Pidolates are mineral salts derived from pidolic acid (L-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid) and that naturally occur in the human body (brains, skin, red blood cells, bodily fluids) and in plants. Foods that contain pidolic acid include vegetables, fruit juices, honey and wine.

Pidolic acid is easily absorbed into the body - by over 90% - because it is hardly broken down at all by biochemical, natural physical processes and can therefore easily penetrate into the cell cytoplasm. Pidolic acid enables the mineral to which it has been bonded to be more easily absorbed into the body. Pidolates are easily tolerated and have a high bio-availability. Pidolate is a precursor of hydroxyproline, an amino acid that is essential for the development of collagen and bone mass.

Pidolic acid plays a key role in the provision of energy to the cells (Krebs cycle). In this case, it is available in its L form, the natural and most active form.

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